Happy 2nd Birthday Angel Abby

Today, my Dear Abby (her official name) would have turned two years old! Although I miss her every day, I am at peace with her being gone as well. Losing her broke my heart into pieces, but I wouldn’t trade back the time I had with her. Just having some happy memories today that I wanted to share.

Here is one of her cutie puppy shots:


She loved being outside, but HATED the leash for weeks. She also didn’t like cars, buses, garbage trucks, birds. Yep – she was one tough Rottie girl!IMG_5319 - Copy

She loved the beach and the water – as long as her belly didn’t have to get wet!IMG_5761

I’d never had a digger before, but Abby taught me all about it!IMG_6846

Abby spent a fair amount of time in her cone so she had a chance to try (and chew, pop, etc.) many different styles. This was her favorite. It even served her well once when she briefly thought she was a bird and jumped off the dock. This cone had the added benefit of being a life preserver too.IMG_6652

Although she grew to be the biggest dog of the house, she sometimes forgot which bed was her. IMG_6685

She was sweet through it all. IMG_6852
Forever our baby. We miss you Abby!