Happy 2nd Birthday Angel Abby

Today, my Dear Abby (her official name) would have turned two years old! Although I miss her every day, I am at peace with her being gone as well. Losing her broke my heart into pieces, but I wouldn’t trade back the time I had with her. Just having some happy memories today that I wanted to share.

Here is one of her cutie puppy shots:


She loved being outside, but HATED the leash for weeks. She also didn’t like cars, buses, garbage trucks, birds. Yep – she was one tough Rottie girl!IMG_5319 - Copy

She loved the beach and the water – as long as her belly didn’t have to get wet!IMG_5761

I’d never had a digger before, but Abby taught me all about it!IMG_6846

Abby spent a fair amount of time in her cone so she had a chance to try (and chew, pop, etc.) many different styles. This was her favorite. It even served her well once when she briefly thought she was a bird and jumped off the dock. This cone had the added benefit of being a life preserver too.IMG_6652

Although she grew to be the biggest dog of the house, she sometimes forgot which bed was her. IMG_6685

She was sweet through it all. IMG_6852
Forever our baby. We miss you Abby!


11 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Angel Abby”

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven Abby. I hope you are having a huge celebration.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. What a sweet girl. Happy 2nd Bday! I know you have many furiends that are celebrating with you today. Thanks for sharing this special memory with us!

    Julie and Sweet Angel Buddy

  3. Thanks Michelle! I know she and Sassy and all the other Rotties and friends had a great celebration!

  4. Thank you for letting us join in on celebrating Abby today. It rips my heart to shreds that she was just a puppy when this crappy disease invaded her earthly body.

    Her time her was so short…but the pawprint she left on our hearts is eternal.

    As impossibly hard as it was, you handled the cards she was dealt with such quiet grace and courage and strength. And Dear Abby handled her circumstances with the same grace, coirage and strength you showed.

    Abby crammed a lot of living into her short time here on earth, that’s for sure!

    Look at these priceless, adorable photos!! Such a cutie pie! 🙂 Cutest puppy in the land!

    The photo of her trying to sleep in that tiny bed..OMD! LOL!

    The look she has on her sweet mug all covered in dirt…yeah…she’s very proud of herself!

    Her Virthday Pawty at rhe Bridge is probably lasting all month! Pretty sure she had a birthday cake made out of Lil’ Smokies. No inflatable donut collars are worn at rhe Bridge…they eat chocolate covered donuts for breakfast though!!

    Robably o e of the best parts of being at the Bridge is the field of cool dirt available for all dogs to dig in all day long! Abby teaches all the newbies how to dig trenches and throw dirt all over the place!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DEAR ABBY! We celebrate you sweet girl!

    Thank you so much for staying connected and
    posting these ADORABLE SMILE MAKING pictures! Will look forward to more!

    Lots of love to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

    PS…Anymore signs from Abby? I have some Queen Anne’s Lace blooming around here. I think of Abby with a smile.

    1. Yes, one big sign. On Abby’s bday, I checked her breeder’s site and there was a future puppy announcement! I contacted them right away (we have turned down previous offers from them because I wasn’t ready). The breeder said the pregnancy wasn’t actually confirmed yet, but I think Abby knows there’s a little girl just waiting to come into this world for us. =)

  5. Oh my, she is adorably gorgeous! We weren’t on this site when you and Abby travelled this journey. We are only 3 weeks in, Zuki is having his first round of Chemo as I write this, but your story… as hard as it was to read (and yes I am in tears while at my desk at work!) 1) reminds me we are doing this for the right reasons, for love and times to cherish forever and 2) the honesty of your experience helps take away the fear of the unknown for me. Cancer will take my boy from me god damn it, I cant change that as much as it breaks me. But everyday between now and whenever I hope is as wonderful as your time with Abby. You were a fantastic mummy to her and made her short time on this earth the best it could be. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m just off to get a tissue xx

    1. So sorry to make you cry when you should just be thinking of Zuki! What a beautiful boy! Thanks for your kind words. Our journey was short, but Tripawds is by far the place to be for it. No judgement no matter what you choose, just love, education, and support. Just keep loving Zuki and making good memories you’ll have forever.

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Abby. All of us here on the board still miss your sweet girl too. She was special to us all with her true Warrior Spirit. Birthdays at the bridge must be truly wonderous!
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

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