My Sign from Abby

One of my faithful followers told me to look for a sign from Abby that she was doing okay after  we let her go. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but within a day it was crystal clear.

I took a trip less than 24 hours after Abby passed. I had intended to cancel the trip to care for her, but the end came even quicker than we anticipated. The conference was a much needed spiritual reboot so I decided to go regardless of where my head and heart were at the time.

Look what was waiting for me when I checked in! I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, but never one that came with its own dog. At first I thought I should chop off one of its legs, but then I realized it was Abby’s sign that she is running free now on all 4 legs.


Still have pictures and videos to come…


4 thoughts on “My Sign from Abby”

  1. This just warms my heart to know you got such a precious sign from Abby! Sooooo sweet!

    Now you know what a “sign” looks like and what a “message” feels like!!

    I love everything about her sign. I love that she was able to cut through your grief and get you the message that she was just fine! That’s quite impressive that she could reach you through the tears an do it even when you weren’t sure what a “sign” was! The love you two share is soooo strong it can break through any barriers of time and space! WOW!

    What are the odds of that little doggie being in your hotel room? Really! Unbelievable! I love that there are THREE flowers painted on the wall too!

    Had ro laught at you thinking about chopping a leg off! I can only imagine what the cleaning staff would think when they came in and found a leg chopped off lying on the floor!

    I know you are still hurting and missing your girl something awful. You now know what it’s like to feel the presence of Abby by your side. Her energy, her Spirit, all veey much alkve and surrounding you and protecting you.

    Pay attention. More signs to come!

    Looking forward to more pics and videos. We are family. Our connection is never broken, just like your connection to Abby.

    Sending lots of love and hugs

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I am glad Abby sent you that sign. She knew you needed it. I also kinda chuckled when you said you thought about chopping the leg off.
    I can’t wait to hear more about the signs you get and sometimes we have to be slapped upside the head to get signs the signs because we just don’t see them.
    Sally was sure Hannah forgot her until she got the sign of a Rainbow right over Hannah’s ramp. It took her to do that before Sally could see the signals 🙂

    Abby loves you and will be with you. It will take awhile for that hurt to lessen.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. I checked out the symbolism of Queen Anne’s Lace, the flowers on the wall. to add an exclamation point on Abby’s message, chexk out this meaning:

    “Queen Annes Lace Flower…
    Queen Anne’s Lace flower is a symbol of protection and catching dreams. The white fluffy petals cascade like an umbrella bringing safety like the wings of an Angel, and spreading out like a dream catcher. Meditate with this flower to bring the meaning of protecting you as follow your dreams, with Angels at your side. Queen Annes Lace flower corresponds to the crown chakra.”

  4. Your last sentence about running free on 4 legs made me burst into tears. Have a senior tripod who hasn’t been doing well lately…

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