Day 2

Abby is walking on her own and doing great! Almost too great. She’s eating very well which was one of my biggest concerns. I’m so thankful we haven’t had any complications, but we are struggling with the cone and confinement. Any suggestions appreciated!

Cone: she ate the soft fabric one and the inflatable Kong didn’t prevent access to the incision so we’re back to the evil plastic one.image

It seems cruel to limit her peripheral vision and ability to get through small spaces while she’s still getting her balance.

Confinement – she has a crate but it’s hard to get in and out of with the cone on and she usually goes boneless right in front of the door. We also have a laundry room off the family room with a bed for her and a baby gate. But she howls when she’s in there – especially if she¬†can see me on the other side of the gate.

She’s was on rest for two months prior to surgery, but we did allow her up on the couch with us so it wasn’t quite this strict. Eleven more days…


6 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. Area in photos look familiar. Sorry you had to revert to the “Evil Plastic One” (EPO). Glad Abby is now eating something more nutritional than the EPO substitutes. AMLD

  2. Hi we became a Tripawd 3 days ago.Osteosarcoma in back leg!! Our Weimerana Grace is doing well as can be expect I think. Her tummy is a lovely beetroot pink colour. I have not used the dreaded cone as she was distressed with it on and nearly took door off!! I have an upside down t shirt on and seems to work at the moment. Keep strong for your puppy.

  3. Glad to hear Abby is doing good. We too were so happy when Max didn’t need the “cone” any longer. Mostly he just wore it at night time because during the day I was always with him so he didn’t need to wear it with me watching him like a hawk for licking.

  4. We were lucky with Buddy in that he got away with just wearing a t-shirt. But in surgeries he’s had in the past I put moleskin (you can find it near foot care at a grocery store) along the edge of the plastic cone near his neck to make it a bit more more comfy. He really seemed to like it.
    Glad she is doing so well!
    Buddy, Tracie and Steve

  5. Try boxer shorts for her. Sassy never bothered her incisions ever even when she was spayed. My dogs hate the cones. When I just had Snickers & Jasmine spayed & gastropexies done I put them in t-shirts after a couple of days

    Since Abby is a rear amputee try the boxer shorts and pin up the extra leg. If she has a longer stub for a tail then stick that through the opening.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. I agree with Michelle – Shelby wore boxer shorts too (or get the boxer briefs). We had a soft cone that looked like an airplane pillow but maybe that won’t keep Abby from her incision.

    I know it’s tough but the rest will do her sooooo much good!

    You’re doing great! Hang tight!

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