Goodbye My Sweet Girl

I’ll post more in a few days, but I wanted to let you know that we let Abby go today. It hurts like hell, but I finally could see that we had crossed that invisible line.

Amazingly, we had a good last day. Here are all my kids together. image

Thank you for all the support. The Tripawds community rocks and you have the best blog commenters anywhere!

11 thoughts on “Goodbye My Sweet Girl”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet girls passing. I know Sassy will be there to welcome her as will some of our other Warriors & Princess Warriors. I know it hurts like hell. It will for awhile and no one can tell you when it won’t. I know I still have days it really hurts.

    This part of the journey is the toughest. We are here to support you but the grieving is a personal process. It will hurt and you will be mad. I know I did.
    We are thinking about you & your family

    Know that Abby is healthy & happy and will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until its time for her she will be playing, running and jumping, chasing rabbits, and squirrels

    Run Free Abby

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. I’m so sorry that your time with Abby has come to an end but I am so glad to hear you had a good last day with her. Saying good bye is never easy but remember that grief is just a sign of how deep the relationship was.

  3. Crying with you right now. I’m so very sorry, so very sorry.

    Sweet Abby , sweet, sweet Abby. She jumped into our hearts with her first post…and then melted it with her pictures! She just oozed sweetness.

    She jad spunk too! I was just thrilled as I would read how well she recovered and how she handled 32 steps!! Right, 32 steps? This girl wasn’t gonna let the loss of her leg interfere with her enjoying herself!!

    You did EVERYTHING possible for Abby. This is a nasty, brutal disease and it makes up its own rules.

    You gave Abby extended time for the most intense loving and spoiling that any dog can have! She had time for more treats, more snuggling, more tummy rubs, .ore spoiling. Oops, I think Ive already mentioned the spoiling! That’s because I know she was, and she lapped it up!

    The picture younposted today is truly a scared treasure. Abby made sure she gave you a “good day” to remember. I believe that dogs often feel better on the day of their transition because they know they will leave their earth clothes that no longer serve the. They know they are going through another open door where they are healthy and pain free…and where they can eat chocolate and junk food without any issues!!

    That stupid piece of crap disease NEVER touched Abby’s spirit or invaded her Soul! No way! She was able to be Abby right up through her transition to the other side of this life.

    The grief will seem unbearable for amny, many days to come. The intensity of caring for a tripawd, the routine, all this changes and it creates a painful void. The waves of grief will continue to come long after you’ve thought you couldn’t cry anymore.

    But you know what? Abby left you with endless days of happy memories. The happy times will, eventually, push the sadness further and further away…slowly, but surely.

    When you can, PLEASE continue to share more of Abby with us. We are family. We care. We hurt with you. And we celebrate with you the delightful life of Sweet Abby! Her life matters to is.

    Pay attention, you WILL get signs and messages from Abby that she is fine AND that she is still with you. Also, if you go onto the “Coping with Loss ” thread (yeah, it can be a sad place), there are many posts with poems, stories, etc. that will help you navigate through your grief.

    Thank you for the privilege of letting us get to
    know the Magnificent Abby. The love you and your family shared with her, and her adorable Pug pal illuminates the screen.

    Holdingnyou gently innour hearts and surrounding nyou with Abby’s Grace…

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  4. My heart breaks hearing this news. Please know she’s healthy and whole running at the bridge now. This whole tripawd nation has you and your family in a healing hug ((())). Run fast run free sweet Abby. You will be remembered as a fierce Warrior forever.
    Linda & Max

  5. This is so sad to read. What a loss of such a sweet young thing like Abby. I know she felt the love you had for her. I’m so glad it was a good last day. Time will make it hurt less, even though it might not seem like it right now.

    Denise, Bill and Angel Ellie

  6. Ohhhhh no! We are so sad to hear this, and our hearts ache for your whole pack. Please know we are here for you when you are ready to talk and share more about her life OK?

    Abby was so lucky to have such a wonderful family who cared for her so deeply. You stood by her through good times and bad, you put her quality of life first and you gave her the kind of life that every animal so deserves. Abby’s body might be gone but now she is free, whole and young again and that bright happy spirit will always be by your side throughout your earthly journey. Listen closely, she’s never far.

    Hugs to all of you, we are very sorry.

  7. I am so sorry for your incredible loss and pain. Abby was so loved and definitely is always in our hearts. You did all you could for her and she knew it. what a lucky girl to have you as her family.

    her spirit and story will live on forever as she runs free and healthy with all the tripawds that went before her and met her at the bridge w/open paws.

    Sending you love and healing energy… hugs and love!!!

  8. I am so, so sorry…. I “followed” Abby since your first post, and I am heartbroken for you… You are an amazing Mama – you did everything you possibly could for your little girl – you took the awful pain away, and gave her additional precious time. We lost our beloved Golden boy, Mani, this July, not even a month post-amputation. Lung mets got him too… I relate so much to your struggle to find that invisible line… You clearly did all the right things. Please hang in there… Let Abby’s memory forever bring you love… Anna

    1. Thanks for following along with us. So hard to lose them so quickly, but I’m sure Mani and Abby are happily running free now.

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