Three Legged Wine Cheers from Abby!

2015 has been a tough year for lots of us in the Tripawd world, but cheers to all of us for rising to the challenges and finishing strong!


We’re having a quiet night, a warm fire, and a nice glass of wine. Take a look at the wine label in the picture. Three Legged Red from Dunham Cellars is an excellent Washington red and perfect for us tonight!

8 thoughts on “Three Legged Wine Cheers from Abby!”


    This picture…OMD! BEAUTIFUL! It’s like a Hallmark card. Abby depicts such peace, such contentment.

    Shhh……Mom may have had one too many glasses of wine though! Can anyone else see the wine label she’s referencing?? I love the name, even if it is invisible!!

    Happy New Years you two! Sending love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Okay…this is too weird….waaaay too weird!!! I hit reply and then Abby’s picture shows up REVISED!!! The wine bottle is now front and center…and it wasn’t before! And I’m not even drinking!!

    Oh my! 2016 ought to be interesting!

    1. You caught me before I got it fixed! First, the pic didn’t have the wine. No good. Then it didn’t have Abby. Totally unacceptable!! I think I finally got the scale right. Posting on a phone has unique challenges. 😀

    1. I hadn’t seen the video. Thanks for sharing! It was a 3 legged day for me yesterday. I saw my first tripawd since Abby’s amputation and then, at the store, was reminded of this great wine. I’d enjoyed it many years ago, but with none of the significance.

  3. Happy Hoppy New Year. This is a great picture one to treasure.
    Now I give this advice too because it was given to me. Get some pictures with you in them of you & her. I always took pictures of my dogs but have very few of Sassy & I but a great friend said I would treasure those and I do.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. Three Legged Red is one of our favorites. We have also given it to Murphy’s vets as thank you gifts. There is usually a bottle of it in our wine rack for special occasions.

    Happy New Year!

    Kathi and the Turbotail April Angel…and the Labradork

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